Valdivia Sacromonte Oloros Seco

24 Feb

I would like to collect Sherries. Every time I open up a sec I think, wow this is so good. I think I will. I’ll start by hoarding some of these babies. I found this sherry at a trade show last year and then unearthed it under a bunch of cases in the basement at Wine at Five. I’ve got this whole weekend thing going on with Spanish stuff, in time for the Oscars. So sipping on this sherry is just the right ‘beginning’.

I’m not going to get into the whole manufacturing process of sherry – suffice to say it’s ridiculously complicated and when done to perfection is painstakingly slow and expensive. This Oloroso is already 15 years – that’s a drip feed solera system that began with the first barrel back sometime around 1997! Olorosos are a little too sweet for me so finding this ‘dry’ version was quite exciting. It pours heavy, with a lovely red tinged amber color – looks like a well oaked cognac. The nose gives off that lovely orange blossom scented toffee. The flavors wrap around burnt orange peel, more dark toffee, some mandarin juice, touch of pomegranate even but on the whole it’s an incredibly mouth-filling experience. I’ve just dropped a little ice cube in it because I’m nearing the end of the bottle and I want it to go further! Chilled there’s a touch of acidity on the front that livens up the burnt orange skin – damn this is good – I wish you were trying it right now too – you’d understand why I want to start collecting Sherries!

ps. this is not the stuff grandma hid under her pillow – that was Bristol Cream crap – this is real.

  • Producer: Bodega Valdivia
  • Vintage: 15 Years
  • Varietal: Palomino
  • Country: Spain
  • Region: Jerez
  • Production: Decent
  • Availability: Yes. Not sure of the price since I’m writing this at home.

Order: Ordering is simple. Click on the e-mail link below and tell me how many bottles you think you may want. We’ll figure out the rest from there and reply to your e-mail within 1 day.

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